Why Rajarata Tiles?

Why Rajarata Tiles?

All Rajarata Tiles are manufactured using globally-recognized Japanese technology and therefore meets the highest international standards. These high-quality Rajarata Tiles are exported to several countries across the globe and have been well-received across all markets. Rajarata Tiles are also marketed across Sri Lanka where we offer our local clientele a wide collection of uniquely beautiful clay tiles that are recognized for their unparalleled strength and are perfectly-suited to the varying weather conditions of Sri Lanka's tropical climate.

- Natural Processed Clay

Our tiles are 100% natural and eco-friendly as they are made only using natural clay, without the mixing of any artificial substances.

- Unique Interlocking System

Our unique in-built interlocking system helps the tiles to withstand strong winds without the need for any other materials.

- Zero Water Permeability

Due to the international-standard manufacturing process where the tiles are fired at 900 C, the tiles become naturally waterproof and have zero leakages.

- Higher Breaking Strength

The higher strength of our tiles enables them to withstand a weight of 1000N/mm2, nearly twice the weight of an average human. This means that maintenance is easy as a person can safely walk on the tiles. Installation of additional equipment, such as solar panels or dish antennas, is also possible while it is also safe from threats from wildlife such as monkeys and other such creatures.

- Minimum Water Absorption

Although the Dry Weight of our tile is 3.1kg, as water absorption is very minimum, the Wet Weight remains at 3.1kg. This means that the roofing structure does not get burdened with a higher wet even during wet conditions.

- Monkey Proof

For those who want extra protection from wildlife such as monkeys, the tiles come with the option for nailing to the rafters with ease.