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New Roofing

A roof is the highest component of a building that serves as a structural covering to protect the structure from the elements (i,e from rain, sun, wind, etc). Roofs are built in the same way as upper floors in terms of structure, albeit the shape of their upper surfaces may differ. Roofs have been built in a range of shapes and sizes, including flat, pitched, vaulted, domed, and combinations, depending on technical, economic, and aesthetic concerns.

With the intention of convenience our client base, the roof doc is established as a services arm of Samson Rajarata Tiles. Also roof doc is undertaking any kind of roofs constructing by clay tiles, cement tiles, asbestos, slates and metal including competitive products which are manufacturing by competitors.

The roof doc is undertaking new roof constructions with and without material and providing a reliable service to their valuable clients. In addition to that roof doc provides site visits, estimates and estimates under free of charge basis.

Re Roofing

Roof doc is undertaking re-roofing requirements of clients. Whatever the roofing materials of existing roof, roof doc is changing roofing materials, its insulations, ridges, valley gutters and reapers, rain gutters including down pipes to change the appearance of the roof including a warranty.

Also we do undertake re-fixing and cleaning of terracotta floors with our expertise.


Terracotta is one of the oldest designs of clay ceramic tiles. Translated from Italian, “terracotta” means “baked earth.” These tiles are porous, with a red coloring which relates with architecture in regions like Tuscany in Italy. The Roof Doc is undertaking to do flooring in any part of the house including indoor and outdoor.

Roof Laying

New or the existing roof, roof doc is undertaking laying of clay tiles, cement tiles, asbestos, slates and metal sheets including fixing of valley gutter and ridges using our expertise to meet customer’s satisfaction.

Fixing of Ridges

Most important and critical part of the roof is fixing ridges accurately. Whatever the pitch, whatever the size roof doc is undertaking ridge and masonry works as a reliable roofing service partner.

Roof Replacement

Roof doc is undertaking roof replacements replacing the entire roof including removing the existing structure and roof materials. Also able to change designs, pitches, timber in any part of the existing roof and roof materials prefer to lay to give new appearance for the house.